Friday, November 17, 2006

G is for Genetic Engineering!

Jim and Lisa are just so proud of their new child, Josh. Through the modern miracle of genetic engineering, they were able to get just the boy they wanted. At first they thought they would go with something ordinary: just your run-of-the-mill, genetically altered super baby. But Mitch, the salesman at Designer Babies Inc, was just so convincing! He showed Jim and Lisa how really affordable it would be to add a few extra features here and there, and end up with something truly unique: a baby that says "we know what we want, and we have the money and lack of moral judgment to get it!" As you can see, little Josh has a wrench hand for helping Dad with the car, and a spatula hand for helping Mom in the kitchen. The Octograb(TM) tentacles on the top of Josh's head are really helpful for holding flashlights and TV remotes. And they ordered Josh in "Periwinkle Mist," to match the drapes!

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